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Small Plates + Libations


focusing on biodynamic and practicing-organic producers

wine program


sourcing local meats, baked goods,
and seasonal produce 



crafting cocktails and
mocktails for the whole party!




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"Mediterranean State of Mind"

Wine Dinner with Vinoteca

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"Dame un’ombra"

"give me a shadow"

the phrase comes from the merchant city of Venice; renowned for its vendors and markets.

Historically, white wine merchants would gather at the foot of the Torre (tower) dell'Orologio, across from the bustling Piazza San Marco. During the day, these vintners would move their stands to stay in the shadow ("ombra") of the tower.


“Let’s drink in the shade/shadows” became synonymous with “let’s have a glass of wine.” The phrase "dame un'ombra" continues to be a popular phrase for gathering to imbibe in the Veneto region!

OMBRA embodies the concept of moving and changing, much like the vintners of Venice. From our seasonal menus to our evolving wine + libations programs, we hope you linger and explore all we have to offer! 


Small Plates    tapas
dim sum     meze    Cicheti
Banchan     chat    Izakaya

Small Plates + Libations

call them what you like, OMBRA's globally-inspired bites

celebrate the drive to explore, with a touch of Midwestern flare.


Local + Seasonal Fare

our food + beverage offerings aim to foster your sense of adventure,

featuring ingredients from local and regional farmers/vendors. 


Sharing is Caring!

our nose-to-tail philosophy and Old-World butchery techniques mean

we always have something special for our sharable Butcher Boards!

Dietary Restrictions?

we always have seafood and vegetarian options,

as well as a few plant-based items for our more restrictive friends!

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It's that simple. Get "made in the shade" today!



Located inside the

Village at Briarcliff

4161 N Mulberry Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64151


MON   closed      

TUE    closed      

WED   (no lunch)

         5pm - 11pm

THU    11am - 3pm

         5pm - 11pm

FRI    11am - 3pm

         5pm - 11pm

SAT    11am - 3pm

         5pm - 11pm

SUN    10am - 4pm

         (no dinner) 



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