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we strive to make the most of every season + opportunity!
ask our staff for more info on today’s specials



Seasonal Pickle Plate v  gf   5
small dishes of pickled fruits + vegetables

Bar Mix v   6
warning: highly-addictive rice cracker snacks

Butter + Bread v   13
selection of butters, baguette, grilled bread

Seasonal Cheese Plate v  gf     18
3 cheeses, seasonal jam, roasted nuts, dressed greens;  add baguette +$2

Butcher Board   23
variety of sausage, pate, terrine, etc. served w/ mustard, jam, bread



wanna skip the bread?  we have celery + carrot crudité available for gluten-free snacking!


Rotkohl mit Rösti  p  v  gf   8
cider-braised cabbage, fried hashbrown, served w/ sour cream


Smokey Chowder  p   11
smoked shellfish, potato, spinach, dashi bechamel, bread


Black Miso Cod  p  gf    14
broiled Atlantic cod, caramelized black-miso sauce


Mǎ Yǐ Shàng Shù (“Ants Climbing a Tree”)    15
glass vermicelli noodles, ground pork, sauteéd cabbage, ponzu 


Rutabaga Pot Pie  p  v   15
mushroom, carrot, rutabaga, onion gravy, gouda puff pastry


Croquetas de Baçalao  p   10
3 salt-cod potato fritters, malt-vinegar mayonnaise


Larb Chicken Salad  s  gf    12
ground chicken, sambal, microgreens, shallot, citrus vinaigrette


Sweet Potato Gnocchi  p   13
potato dumplings, PEI mussels, walnut-sage pesto, grana padano




Sweet Potato Crumble p  v  gf

sweet potato, pomegranate syrup,  walnut-corn streusel

Poached Pears + Chocolate  gf
poached pears, chocolate-red wine gastrique, candied lardons




WINES   (link)


SPIRITS   (link)


Can’t-Elope   13
How do you say ”let's run away together” in Korean?
makgeolli, cantaloupe, ginger-honey, orange, egg white

Drunkship of Lanterns   11
“Is anyone there? These crafts only multiply…”
tequila, cachaça, grapefruit, cinnamon, black walnut 


Nothin’ but a Peanut   12
“Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder…nobody wanna lift no heavy-ass weight” 
peanut-infused rye, arrack, lemon, turmeric-yogurt 
Very Carrots-matic   13
Charming enough to start a cult
mezcal, chili amaro, carrot-miso, citrus, celery  
To the Market   12
and this little piggy went glug-glug-glug, all the way down
calvados, cognac, pork fat-washed Cocchi

Kalimotxo   24
A fresh take on a Spanish classic in a porron format; serves 2-4
tempranillo, dandelion-orange-cola, citrus, soda
House of Circles   13 
Our winter Ol’ Fashioned, a house favorite
bourbon, fig-thyme, bitters 

Pear-wolves of London   14
“I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand…
Walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain.” 

london dry gin, pear, pink peppercorn-infused dry vermouth, akvavit

Spanish Coffee    12
All proceeds from this cocktail go towards supporting our community
Ask your server/bartender for more info on orgs we’ve partnered with this month

overproof rum, coffee, orange, cream, nutmeg


Messenger Coffee  v  gf 




Loose-Leaf Hugo Tea  v  gf

gao wen - black 

session longjing - green 

gui shan - oolong 

bouquet - chamomile tisane 

rainier - mint tisane

currant - fruit tisane 

kitchen closes at 11pm   -   please place all food orders by 10:45pm!

sp - spicy  |  gf - gluten free  |  v - vegetarian |  p - pescetarian

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

A Special Thank You to our Local Partners:

Barham Family Farm

Green Dirt Farm
Marion Milling
Microgreens KC
Myco Planet
C&C Produce
Salt Creek Farms
Hugo Tea
Messenger Coffee
Ibis Bakery
KC Can Compost

NKC Beverage

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