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we strive to make the most

of every season + opportunity!

A portion of proceeds from specials at OMBRA

support a community non-profit organization each month!


Lion’s Mane Street Taco   v  gf  p  s            served individually  6
chili-lime fungi, corn tortilla, coconut chimichurri, radish, cilantro

Soft-Shell Crab Street Taco*                served individually  9
fried blue crab, corn tortilla, radish, mayonesa, tajín, cilantro, lime

Greens + Salads   v   gf   p    
            blue cheese  +$1       fried chicken  +$6       soft-shell crab +$8 
side salad    v   gf   p     butter lettuce, watercress, onion, house vinaigrette    
strawberry salad  v  gf  p  watercress, pea, fennel, sesame brittle, lemon vin. 14
hazelnut salad   v   gf    butter lettuce, carrot ribbons, blue cheese dressing    14


Miso Soup  v  gf  p                                        10
mushroom-kombu brodo, miso paste, sautéed lion’s mane, scallion


Heirloom Carrots    v  gf  p                           14  
charred rainbow carrots, tahini, spiced-hazelnut za’atar


Blue Crab Bisque                                         16
domestic blue crab, garlic olive-oil, pickled peppers, crispy onion


East Coast Poutine   v  gf                            16
Old Bay french fries, mushroom brown gravy, baked cottage cheese


2 Piece + a Biscuit*                                     18
country-fried chicken thigh & drumstick, biscuit, honey butter 


Baked Involtini Pasta                                  19
ground pork & fennel farce, pasta roulade, bechamel, shallot nest


Hazelnut-Crusted Trout*                            22
domestic river trout filet, plantain crust, coconut-mint gremolata



Miso Deviled Eggs   v  gf  s                            7 
2 hard-boiled eggs, fiery miso filling, shichimi togarashi


French Fries  v  gf  p                                       8

double-fried housecut potatoes, fry salt, Heinz 57 ketchup

Marinated Olives  v  gf  p                               9

assortment of whole olives marinated in a peppercorn-citrus oil

Seasonal Pickles  v  gf  p                             10 
seasonal rotation of pickled fruits + veggies + mustard seeds


Tortilla Chips + Dip  s   v   gf   p                    
strawberry pico de gallo  v   gf   p    peppers, onion, cilantro, radish, lime       8  
charred-onion dip   v  gf        french onion dip w/ fennel, mayo, sour cream     10
hot pimento dip  s   v   gf    gouda, cheddar, curds, sweet peppers, garlic         14
smoked trout dip   gf   sheep cheese, smoked trout, celery, allspice, crema     16


Cheese Plate     v                                         26
selection of 3 cheeses with jam, pickles, nuts, crudités, bread/chips 


beer-mustard cheddar  +$1       blue cheese  +$1 
blue-crab sando  fried soft-shell crab, watercress, dijonnaise, brioche bun   15
beef-heart burger  signature house patty, greens, dijonnaise, brioche bun   15 
 pimento grilled-chz v s  cheddar, gouda, curds, mayo, peppers, brioche bun 15


Steak Frites*  gf                                   28
steak = a cut of meat…  paired with our nose-to-tail philosophy, our selection rotates between various cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and game from Carne Diem!
locally-sourced (rotating) steak cut, french fries, tarragon mayo


Butcher Board*                                 28
rotating selection of sausages, pâtés, terrines, etc. from Carne Diem
served with pickles, mustard, crudités, bread/chips
 Smorgasbord*                                45
butcher board meats + rotation of cheeses
served with mustard, jam, pickles, crudités and bread/chips 



Seasonal Sorbet       v   gf                         8
ask us for more info about our current selection!

Bananas Foster Trifle       v                              12
hazelnut-rhum cake, banana pudding, salted-caramel cream



weekends only (11am-2:30pm)

 2 Farm-Fresh Eggs        v   gf                          7
omelet, scrambled, over-easy, over-medium, fried, or sunny-side up


Strawberry Shortcake        v                         10 
macerated strawberries, housemade biscuit, whipped cream


Fruit Bowl        v   gf                                        12
freshly sliced seasonal fruit, cottage cheese, salt and pink pepper


Biscuits & Gravy                                             14 
housemade (pork) chorizo sausage gravy over a split biscuit



s - spicy  |  gf - gluten free  |  v - vegetarian  |  p - plant based

kitchen accepts food until 30 minutes before close

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,

or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

A Special Thank You to our Local Partners:

Barham Family Farm

Green Dirt Farm
Marion Milling

Yoli Tortilleria
Microgreens KC
Myco Planet
C&C Produce
Salt Creek Farms
Hugo Tea
Messenger Coffee
Ibis Bakery
KC Can Compost
Ripple Glass Recycling
NKC Beverage


               …is a phrase meant to be shared with others. It’s direct translation,       “Give Me a Shadow,” comes from old Venice; renowned for its historic vendors and markets. White wine merchants would gather at the base of the Torre (tower) dell'Orologio, across from the Piazza San Marco. During the day, these vintners would have to move their stands to stay in the shadow ("ombra") of the tower, lest they wish to sell sour vinegar instead of their temperamental wines! “Let’s drink in the shade/shadows” became synonymous with “let’s have a glass of wine.” The saying continues to be a popular phrase for gathering and imbibing in the Veneto region today!


Similarly, OMBRA embodies the concept of moving and changing, much like the vintners of old Venice. We hope you linger and explore all we have to offer: 

  • food is served “rolling fire” (not coursed) and is meant  to be shared!

  • small plates are 6-10 bites. we recommend ordering a few to start!

  • boards are larger portions that highlight our in-house charcuterie program!

  •  our values: nose-to-tail, ethically-sourced, & seasonal ingredients.

  •  napkins + straws are compostable to help divert our food & water waste.








Poggio Anima - 2019 “Samael” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo       6
bold & unapologetically tannic



Cascina Roberto 2020 Brachetto d’Acqui                      6
sweet & sparkling red



Hablo Gulp Orange Wine                                                     7
like a quirky Chardonnay



La Bastarda Pinot Grigio                                                     6
crisp, clean, & citrusy



Seasonal Drafts                                                        5
Boulevard “Space Camper” IPA                               5


Bourbon - Four Roses Yellow Label                         6 
Scotch - Compass Box Artist Blend                        6
Rum - Plantation 3 Star                                           6
Vodka - Tito’s                                                             6
Gin - Broker’s                                                             6
Tequila - Cimarron                                                     6

Mezcal - La Luna Cupreata                                        6



(coke, sprite, lemon, cran, ginger beer, tonic, soda water)            2 


Bar Special                                                                 8
Springtime No-jito                                                     9
Coconut Ocean Water                                               11
Hawaiian Dad Shirt                                                   12


Miso Deviled Eggs  vegetarian                                      5
Strawberry Pico de Gallo  vegan                                  6
Marinated Olives  vegan                                               7
Heirloom Carrots     vegan                                           12
Pimento Grilled-Chz  vegetarian                                   13




WINES   (link)


SPIRITS   (link)





Wall Street   v   gf   p                         14
this white manhattan means business
Union Horse Long Shot Whiskey, Snap Pea, Vermouth Blanc, Bitters

Sakura Baburu*  v   gf                        15
floral, sweet, pink,*kawaii* bubbles
Roku Gin, Lychee, Lemon, Sakura-Egg White Bubbles

Hawaiian Dad-Shirt  v   gf   p           14
this rum ol’ fashioned is rad, just like dad
Pineapple Rum, Banana, Tiki Bitters

Coconut “Ocean Water”  v   gf   p      13
the drink from Sonic, now with alcohol!
Coconut Vodka, Blue Curacao, Coconut Cream, Citrus

24 Karat*  v   gf                                    15
a tequila cocktail that will make you feel golden
La Gritona Tequila, Yellow Carrot, Ginger, Lime, Egg White

Strawberry-Rhubarb Spritz   v   gf   p   lo   14
a refreshing take on a classic
Strawberry-infused Aperol, Prosecco, Rhubarb Shrub

Trini(daddy) Colada  v   gf   p                   14
a Trinidad Sour just wasn’t fun enough…
Plantation OFTD Rum, Angostura Bitters, Pineapple, Coconut, Lime

Hazelnut Espresso Martini v   gf   p            15
people are nuts about this one… (CONTAINS NUTS)
Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico, Coffee Liqueur, Messenger Coffee Espresso 


Trees in a Pod   v  gf  p  lo                           12
pine tree meets sugar pea in this low-abv
Boomsma Cloosterbitters, Snap Pea-Juniper Shrub, Soda Water

That’s Not What I Mint  v   gf   p                 13
scotch & soda just got an upgrade
Blended Scotch Whisky, Strawberry-Mint Syrup, Soda Water

we kindly ask for no substitutions to our menu
s : spicy  |  gf : gluten free  |  v : vegetarian  
p :  plant-based  |  lo : low abv  |  na :  non-alcoholic

bar accepts orders until 15 minutes before close
* Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness



Sparkling Americano    v  gf  p  na                   11  
a refreshing way to drink espresso!

Messenger Coffee espresso, Strawberry-Mint syrup, Sparkling Water

Chocolate Mar(TEA)ni  v  gf   p  na              12  
liquid girl scout cookie            -   add vodka +$4!
Dark Chocolate Syrup, Oolong Tea, Coconut Cream

Springtime No-jito    v   gf   na                11  
seasonal n/a mojito                  -  add rum +$4!
Mint, Rhubarb Shrub,  Strawberry, Soda Water


Garden Party*     v   gf    na                       12 
this n/a cocktail is in full bloom -  add gin +$4!
Citrus, Pea-Juniper Shrub, Lychee, Sakura-Egg White Bubbles



Brewed Beverages   v   gf  na        
   milk and sugar available for an upcharge        
iced tea   p        chilled Hugo Tea black tea                      3
arnold     p         chilled Hugo Tea black tea + lemonade   4
chai tea     p         slightly-sweet Hugo Tea chai blend     3
doppio    p         double Messenger relay espresso            4
cuppa    p    a ‘cup of Joe’ (american coffee)                     4 
decaf coffee    p      served in a 12oz french press          4 
seasonal latte       banana bread or strawberry-mint      6


Loose-Leaf Teas    v   gf   p  na               4
   milk and sugar available   -  served in a french press 
oolong tea         lighter, less-caffeinated black tea    
gao wen tea                   aromatic black tea leaves    
green tea                                unoxidized tea leaves    
rainier tisane                                   mint herbal tea    
currant tisane        dried fruit + rooibos herbal tea     
bouquet tisane                  chamomile herbal tea     


Soft Drinks + Tonics   v   gf   p  na  

Coke,     Diet Coke,     Dr. Pepper,     Sprite, 
Orange Fanta,     Gosling’s Ginger Beer,  
Fever Tree Tonic    or    Soda
                     cans    2
Housemade Lemonade                                  each   2
Smeraldina Italian sparkling water         bottle  4


BRUNCH          glass/carafe
Mimosa   p     OJ + sparkling wine                          14/24
Sangria   p     rioja red wine + port + citrus             9/16
Bloody Mary  p    Zing Zang Mix + vodka              14/24




           ask us about our current themed selections!

Wine Flight three 2 oz pours                           21
Spirit Flight three 1 oz pours                           21


(scan QR menu for our full selection of wines)

RED                             FLAVOR-PROFILE    glass/bottle
Maître-de-Chai - Table Red 2021
Lodi, California        FRUITY              14/42 
Land of Saints - Pinot Noir 2022
San Luis Obispo, California            LIGHT            15/45
Luberri Orlegi - Rioja Tempranillo 2021
Rioja, Spain                          SPICED-JAM              8/24
Riccitelli - “Hey!” Malbec 2020 
Mendoza, Argentina                   PEPPERY          13/39
Mollydooker - “The Boxer” Shiraz 2020
Mclaren Vale, Australia               EARTHY         22/66
Delta - Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
Healdsburg, California                  TANNIC         12/36


WHITE                      FLAVOR-PROFILE    glass/bottle
Ranga Ranga - Sauvignon Blanc 2022 
Marlborough, New Zealand    ACIDIC              11/33
Poggio Anima -  ‘Gabriel’ Pecorino 2021
Abruzzo, Italy                         BALANCED          9/27
GÖNC Winery - ‘The 60’s’ Kerner 2022
Dobrovnik, Slovenia                  BRIGHT         11/33
Diatom - Chardonnay 2022
Santa Barbara County, US      SAVORY        14/42

ORANGE + ROSÉ          FLAVOR-PROFILE    glass/bottle
Bodegas Ponce - “Gulp/Hablo” Orange Wine 2020 
Castilla-La Mancha, Spain    APPLE PIE        11/33
Ameztoi - “Rubentis” Txakoli Rosé 2022
Getariako Txakolina, Spain           HIBISCUS       17/51
Kir-Yanni - “Akakies” Sparkling Rosé 2021
Macedonia, Greece                  RED BERRIES     15/45


SPARKLING               FLAVOR-PROFILE    glass/bottle
Boundary Breaks - No. 356 Off-Dry Bubbly Riesling
Finger Lakes, New York            PEACHES         13/39

Terra MÄDI - Vino Blanco Espumoso Brut Reserva
Querétaro, México                TRADITIONAL      12/36



Regular -or- Decaf Messenger Coffee                4
Messenger Double Espresso (Doppio)                4
Boundary Breaks Ice Wine                                 8
House Amaro Blend                                           8
Manuel Aragon “El Neto” Amontillado Sherry    8
Quinto do Noval Black Port                               8
Brachetto d’Acqui (Sweet Red)                         8
Moscato d’Asti (Sweet White)                           8
Henriques & Henriques 20 yr Madeira            26
Le Pere Jules 20 yr Calvados                          48



Seasonal Drafts                                                        6
rotating selection
ask us for more info about what we have on tap!

Draft IPA                                                                    6
Space Camper IPA, Boulevard Brewing Co 
India Pale Ale, approx 5.9% abv

Hard Seltzer, Boulevard Brewing Co               7
Grapefruit Twist or Cherry-Blossom Lime, 5% abv

Cider, Cinder Block Brewery                            7
Cider - Tart Cherry-Apple  Cider, 6% abv - 

Montucky, Montucky Cold Snack                     3
American Lager, 4.1% abv -         

Michelob Ultra, Anheuser-Busch                     6
Light American Lager, 5.2% abv -

Coors Lite, Coors Brewing Co                         6
Light American Lager, 4.2% abv - 

Boulevard Wheat, Boulevard Brewing Co        7
Unfiltered Wheat Beer, 4.4% abv - 

ask us about our current selection 
of non-alcoholic beers & wines!

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