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we strive to make the most

of every season + opportunity!

or give us a call (during business hours)
for more info on today’s specials

A portion of proceeds from specials at OMBRA

support a community non-profit organization each month!




Coconut-Fig Chocolate Cookie           3  
(Flour) Marion Milling   -   Kansas City, MO
big chocolate cookie w/ dried fruit


Deviled Egg  s   v   gf        3 
(Eggs) Barham Family Farm   -   Kearney, MO
better to dine with the devil you know 


Chips + Salsa  s   v   gf   p         5 
(Chips) Yoli Tortilleria   -   Kansas City, MO
blue corn tortilla chips, autumn salsa roja


Pomme Frites  v  gf  p         7  
taters?! what is taters?
house-cut french fries, salt, ketchup


Marinated Olives  v  gf  p        7 
pitting olive against olive…
variety of olives in an herbed-citrus oil


Seasonal Pickles  v  gf  p         8 
inspired by Japanese tsukemono & Korean banchan
pickled fruits + veggies + mustard seeds, choice of bread or chips


Fall Harvest Salad    v         9  
add blue cheese   +$1
spring mix, roasted squash, citrus vinaigrette, pepitas


Oyster Mushroom Baba Ganoush    gf   p        12
when I dip, you dip, we dip
roasted eggplant dip, sumac-chili crunch, crudités, bread or chips


Fried Chicken Sandwich*       12  
(Chicken) Barham Family Farm   -   Kearney. MO
brioche bun, breaded chicken patty, dressed greens, dijonnaise


Steamed Clams & Chorizo*       12  
(Lamb) Green Dirt Farm   -   Weston. MO
clams, butter, wine reduction, lamb chorizo, grilled bread

Beef-Heart Burger*       13   
(Beef) Barham Family Farm   -   Kearney. MO
brioche bun, burger patty, cheese, dressed greens, dijonnaise





          Sando Platter*      18   

(Beef/Chicken) Barham Family Farm   -   Kearney, MO
beef-heart burger  -or-  fried chicken sandwich

 served on a brioche bun w/ choice of side salad -or- fries

   Thu/Fri/Sat lunch only 


Steak Frites*  gf             22 

(Beef) Barham Family Farm   or  (Lamb) Green Dirt Farm
rotating steak cut, roasted bone marrow, fries, tarragon mayo


Cheese Plate  v   gf         22 

everybody knows the moon is made of cheese
selection of 3 cheeses with jam, pickles, nuts, bread or crudités


    Butcher Board*         23
we wanted to call this one “sausage party,” but thought better of it…
seasonal rotation of sausages, pates, terrines, etc.
served with mustard, pickles, jam, and bread


    Smorgasbord*         40
fun to say, even more fun to eat…
butcher board meats + 2 cheeses
served with mustard, jam, pickles, crudités and bread


s - spicy  |  gf - gluten free  |  v - vegetarian  |  p - plant based

kitchen accepts food until 30 minutes before close

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,

or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness



WINES   (link)


SPIRITS   (link)


Cameo Rate        12

Light, citrus-y, refreshing gin martini 

Citadelle Gin, sweet rosé vermouth, Nonino Amaro



Sunbather        14

Spicy, reposado Margarita, perfect for late summer nights 

La Gritona Tequila, dry curacao, citrus, cayenne, tajin

Orange Guy        12

Refreshing, spirit-forward, gin sour

Amber gin, citrus, rhubarb, orange

The Echo       12   

Tropical, rum sour

Plantation Original Dark Rum, Boomsma, coconut, lime

Zodiac Stuff         12

A mix of bold passion fruit and smooth peach rice spirit

Toki Japanese Whiskey, Jinro Soju, passionfruit, black currant, citrus, orgeat

Spice Hunter         13

Little pumpkin, little spice, whole lot of espresso 

espresso, cinnamon whisky, house pumpkin spice blend, dairy

House of Triangles         12   

Our seasonally-rotating Ol’ Fashioned, a house favorite

Four Roses bourbon, cayenne, orange, bitters


Gettin’ Figgy with It             13  

The not too sweet, vodka one

vodka, lemon, mint, fig, soda water



Fountain Drinks  (refills included)     3

Coca-Cola,  Sprite,  Orange Fanta,  Hi-C (rotating flavor)

Soft Drinks (refills not included)      2

      Diet Coke,  Coke Zero,  Dr. Pepper


Brewed Tea (brewed fresh daily - refills available)         

Hugo Tea Iced Black Tea     3       (Loose Leaf) Hot Hugo Tea   4

     Sweet Iced Tea         4                     Tea + Lemonade              4


 Sparkling Americano          10

Is it “open sesame,” or “open, says me”?

Messenger Relay Espresso, tahini, demerara sugar, soda water


Chai Tea Mar(tea)ni            10

Refreshing & sophisticated; a teetotaler’s dream

Hugo Tea chai tea, citrus, egg white 


Mint Condition             8

The only time it’s okay to be a sour puss

House-squeezed lemonade, mint, fig, soda water  


Heineken 0.0, Heineken Nederland           5

Non-Alcoholic European Light Lager


Paulaner Weizen - Radler, Paulaner München          5

Non-Alcoholic Munich-Style Radler





HUGO TEA  v  gf

gao wen - black 

session longjing - green 

gui shan - oolong 

bouquet - chamomile tisane 

rainier - mint tisane

currant - fruit tisane

A Special Thank You to our Local Partners:

Barham Family Farm

Green Dirt Farm
Marion Milling

Yoli Tortilleria
Microgreens KC
Myco Planet
C&C Produce
Salt Creek Farms
Hugo Tea
Messenger Coffee
Ibis Bakery
KC Can Compost
Ripple Glass Recycling
NKC Beverage

Sunrise Hill Flowers

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