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April-may MENU




we strive to make the most of every season + opportunity!
check our social media or give us a call (after 5pm)
for more info on today’s specials




Grilled Chicken Satay*    4 
our take on an Indonesian night-market classic
grilled chicken skewer, sweet soy-almond glaze, sesame

Chips + Salsa   s   v   gf   p  
perfect for late-night snacking
tortilla chips, roasted jalapeño house salsa


Seasonal Pickles     gf   p    7 
inspired by Japanese tsukemono & Korean banchan
pickled fruits + veggies + mustard seeds, choice of bread or chips


Melon Carpaccio    gf     
check out these melons…
honeydew, cantaloupe, cherry gastrique, crispy ham


Coconut Piri-Piri Dip    s   p    9 
when I dip, you dip, we dip
black-bean hummus, coconut-corn macha, piri piri, chips, crudité


BLT Toast    9 
is it an open-faced sandwich, or a millennial breakfast food??
ciabatta, house bacon, kaya jam, tomato, mayo, microgreens


Street Corn Fritters (3)    v   10 
grilled elote: the remix
hushpuppies, cilantro crema, chili-lime salt, cotija


Blue Cheese Panzanella    v     11  
what if the croutons WERE the salad?!
tomato, cucumber, croutons, tamarind vinaigrette, blue cheese


Stuffed Jalapeños (3)   s    12 
a spicy ode to grandma’s stuffed green peppers
spanish rice, lamb chorizo, manchego, sugo


Almond-Crusted Trout*    14  
the star of the dinner party
river trout filet, almond-parmesan crust, aioli, basil-mint gremolata


Seafood-Boil Risotto*  s   gf   16  
all the flavor of a seafood boil, none of the newspaper
lobster, lion’s mane mushroom, andouille sausage, roasted corn





Cheese Plate  v   gf  22 

everybody knows the moon is made of cheese
3 cheeses, jam, nuts, choice of bread, chips, or crudité


Butcher Board*  23
we wanted to call this one “sausage party,” but thought better of it…
housemade sausages, pates, terrines, etc. w/ mustard, jam, bread


Smörgåsbord*   40
fun to say, even more fun to eat 
butcher board, 2 cheeses, seasonal pickles, crudité, bread






    Cantaloupe Sorbet   v  gf  p   6
 the essence of summer: push-pops & saltwater
cantaloupe-orange sorbet, salted coconut, pink peppercorn shatter


   Milk + Cookies   v   8
if you give a guest a cookie, they’re going to ask for a glass of milk…
cherry-chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, served w/ milk


Sweet Corn Tartlet   v   8
Portuguese/Hong Kong egg tarts wish they could 

baked creamed-corn custard, flaky pie crust


s - spicy  |  gf - gluten free  |  v - vegetarian  |  p - plant based

kitchen closes at 11pm   -   please place all food orders by 10:45pm!

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,

or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness





WINES   (link)


SPIRITS   (link)


Bricked Up   12

There’s an Edgar Allen Poe - Harvey Wallbanger joke somewhere in there

amontillado sherry, cappelletti, rye, orgeat, pineapple, orange, lime, mint


Exit Sign   14

A playfully aromatic silver fizz, showcasing spirits native to Haiti and Peru

Clairin Milot, pisco, Aperol, lemon, egg white, soda 

Strawberry Park   11   

The fruity, not-too-sweet, vodka one

Tito’s, strawberry, rhubarb, mint, lime, cinnamon, allspice, quinine


Chapultepec by Night  12   

Every year in spring, Mexico City opens the forest gates at the heart of 

the largest city in the western hemisphere for a nighttime picnic

tequila blanco, Salers Gentiane, snap pea, lime, black lemon


Kalimotxo   24

A fresh take on a Spanish classic, in a porron format; serves 2-4

tempranillo, dandelion-orange-cola, citrus, soda 


House of Circles   13

Our seasonally-rotating Ol’ Fashioned, a house favorite

Four Roses bourbon, smoked rosemary, bitters       


Paper Trails   14

“Paper trails on a mountain, and fruits on a table

A wooden house to live in, a baby to care”

scotch, porter, artichoke thistle, rhubarb, lemon, banana leaf


Seafoam Collins   13

A short, saline, and effervescent Collins; inspired by an inside joke and the

end credits of The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004)

Restless Spirits’ Builders Barrel-Aged gin, lemon, sage, ao nori, Topo Chico


A Horse with a Name (Jeff)   12

It is said that knowing something’s true name gives you power over it.

Not too sure about this bum-ass horse, though.

La Higuera sotol, pulque, Campari, Punt e Mes, orange


Cobra Juicy   12

Fruity, clarified, creamsicle-inspired, milk punch; the perfect accompaniment 

to fucking up the neighborhood. Just ask the neighbors.

La Venenosa Raicilla, botanical gin, orange, citrus, genmaicha, vanilla


T.G.I.C. (Thank God, Iced Coffee)   11

Sun is out! It's finally time for iced coffee, crop-tops, and cutoff jorts.
Proceeds from this cocktail go towards supporting our community.

Restless Spirits’ Sons of Erin, cinnamon, espresso, lavender, dairy

Spanish Coffee    12
Proceeds from this cocktail go towards supporting our community
Ask your server/bartender for more info on orgs we’ve partnered with this month

overproof rum, coffee, orange, cream, nutmeg




Michelada Verde   10

Kinda like that friend that travels abroad, never leaves the resort town,

but somehow comes back with an accent and suddenly into soccer

house green michelada mix, non-alcoholic lager, tajin


Sparkling Americano    9

Gretchen! Stop trying to make coffee cocktails happen.

It's not going to happen…

espresso, lavender, lemon, honey, mineral water


Hibiscus Mar(tea)ni    10

Clean, airy, sophisticated; a teetotaler’s dream

Hugo Tea currant-hibiscus tisane, citrus, egg white 


Corona Non Alcoholic, Grupo Modelo 5


Non-Alcoholic Mexican Lager  

Heineken 0.0, Heineken Nederland 5


Non-Alcoholic European Light Lager

Paulaner Weizen -Radler, Paulaner München 5


Non-Alcoholic Munich-Style Radler

Leitz - “Eins Zwei Zero” Dealcoholized Riesling

Rheingau, Germany 11/33


Leitz - “ZP5” Dealcoholized Pinot Noir

Rheingau, Germany 11/33

Muri - “Nuala” Vegan Red Wine Alternative

Copenhagen, Denmark 20/60





HUGO TEA  v  gf

gao wen - black 

session longjing - green 

gui shan - oolong 

bouquet - chamomile tisane 

rainier - mint tisane

currant - fruit tisane 

A Special Thank You to our Local Partners:

Barham Family Farm

Green Dirt Farm
Marion Milling

Yoli Tortilleria
Microgreens KC
Myco Planet
C&C Produce
Salt Creek Farms
Hugo Tea
Messenger Coffee
Ibis Bakery
KC Can Compost
Ripple Glass Recycling
NKC Beverage

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