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we strive to make the most

of every season + opportunity!

A portion of proceeds from specials at OMBRA

support a community non-profit organization each month!




Deviled Eggs (2)  s   v   gf       6  


Chips + Dip  s   v   gf   p       
chickpea dip  v   gf   p                    beans, celery, carrots, lemon      8 
housemade guac   v   gf   p         avocado, poblano, onion, lime      10

hot spinach dip  s   v   gf     spinach, mushroom, dairy, chili oil      13

california roll dip           imitation crab, mayo, masago, avocado 16

smoked salmon dip                 salmon, brebis, dill, caraway, onion 16


Housecut French Fries  v  gf  p      7  


Marinated Olives  v  gf  p            8
selection of whole olives in herbed-citrus olive oil


Seasonal Pickles  v  gf  p            10
pickled fruits + veggies + mustard seeds, bread or crudités


Boquerones Toast                         12
toasted bread, marinated anchovies, cured egg yolk, greens


Carrot Fritters    v                          14 
garbanzo-carrot fritters, 
walnut dukkah, labneh


Southern Croquettes                       16
breaded salmon-potato patties, smoky poblano trinity, dijonnaise

Cheese Plate  v                              25
selection of 3 cheeses with jam, pickles, nuts, crudités, bread/chips


Butcher Board*                            25
rotating selection of housemade sausages, pâtés, terrines, etc.

served with pickles, mustard, crudités, bread/chips


Steak Frites*  gf                         26

locally-sourced (rotating) steak cut, pomme frites, tarragon mayo

 Smorgasbord*                            45
butcher board meats + rotation of cheeses
served with mustard, jam, pickles, crudités and bread/chips 


OMBRA Rockafeller      v   gf           served individually

 poblano   v   gf         fire-roasted pepper, creamed spinach, tortilla                        3

mushroom   v   gf     lion’s mane mushroom, creamed spinach, mixed sesame    4
oyster                      east-coast mollusk, creamed spinach, breadcrumbs               4


Chorizo Street Taco       s               served individually                6
housemade pork chorizo, blue corn tortilla, onion, cilantro, crema, lime


      Greens + Salads   v   gf   p     

 side salad    v   gf   p      spring mix, red onion, lemon vinaigrette   6 

ambrosia “salad”  v   gf     citrus, pomegranate, apple, honey-yogurt sauce 12
Waldorf salad    gf     chicken, grape, celery, greens,  buttermilk dressing 16

spinach salad   v   gf   p   kohlrabi, carrot, avocado, honey-dijon vinaigrette 12

add blue cheese   +$1       add sheep’s cheese   +$2         add salmon filet*  +$10             


Avocado Dengaku      v   gf   p                 13
broiled avocado, caramelized soy-glaze, sesame, bread or chips


Lamb Raviolo                                              15   
housemade spinach pasta, braised lamb farc
e, brebis, apple butter


Sake Salmon*                                               16
salmon filet, sake-miso marinade, microgreens, flying fish roe



       add Red Dragon beer-mustard cheddar   +$1       add blue cheese   +$1

waldorf chicken salad     chicken, grape, celery, greens, mayo, brioche           15

beef-heart burger   patty,  greens, dijonnaise, cheese, brioche bun                    15 

mushroom po’boy     v     breaded fungi, dressed greens, dijonnaise, baguette  15

   NOLA bahn mi     breaded oysters, pâté, carrot, poblano, cilantro, baguette     15


 Orange-Pomegranate Cookie       v                         4  
big warm cookie w/ fruit zest, arils, oats, and walnut


Mulled Cider Sorbet       v   gf   p                             6  
spiced-apple sorbet, salted coconut-caramel crunch




         Biscuits + Chorizo Gravy      8   

(Lamb) Green Dirt Farm  -   Weston, MO
housemade Southern biscuits, lamb chorizo gravy


Yogurt + Granola    v   gf        7

everybody knows the moon is made of cheese
selection of 3 cheeses with jam, pickles, nuts, bread or crudités


French Omelette*    gf           5 

(Eggs) Barham Family Farm    -   Kearney, MO 
farm-fresh eggs, european-style butter, salt + pepper


s - spicy  |  gf - gluten free  |  v - vegetarian  |  p - plant based

kitchen accepts food until 30 minutes before close

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,

or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness




WINES   (link)


SPIRITS   (link)





Herb Your Enthusiasm  v   gf   p   lo   14

herbaceous, salty, and ephemeral

Dolin Genepy, celery, elderflower, lime, ginger, cilantro


Do You Even Carrot All?   v  gf   p   14

the nihilist love child of word play and a margarita

mezcal, charred carrot syrup, dry curacao, citrus

The Martian    v   gf   p           13

what is dry, red, and on the rocks?

La Fuerza vermouth, Citadelle gin, hibiscus ice


Hot Teo    v   gf   lo   10   

a low-abv spin on a Hot Toddy    -    add cognac +$5!

Spanish quinquina, sour tamarind-honey, cinnamon stick -  served hot

Apples & Oranges  v  gf  p 13

with this G&T, there’s no need to compare

gin, tonic liqueur, apple-peppercorn shrub, orange, tonic

Fashionably Late   v   gf   p  (contains walnuts) 14   

seasonally-rotating Ol’ Fashioned

Union Horse rye, maple syrup, grapefruit bitters, toasted walnut

Lemon Drip v   gf   p            14  

A Kentucky ‘Lemon Drop’

lemon-infused Tito’s, MB Roland pink-lemonade whiskey, sugar rim


Grape Lady  v   gf   p 14

A sweet, smashed grape drank inspired by that youtube video

La Gritona Reposado tequila, amarena-grape conserva, egg white*

Espresso Martini  v   gf   p   15

go ahead, you know you want to…

Messenger espresso, Five Farms Irish Cream, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur


Frightful Weather  v   gf   p   12

a winter Dark & Stormy

Lemonhart spiced rum, celery, Gosling’s Ginger Beer, coriander

s : spicy  |  gf : gluten free  |  v : vegetarian  |  p :  plant-based 

lo : low abv  |  na :  non-alcoholic



Fountain Drinks  (refills included)     3

Coca-Cola,  Sprite,  Orange Fanta,  Hi-C (rotating flavor)

Soft Drinks (refills not included)      2

      Diet Coke,  Coke Zero,  Dr. Pepper


Brewed Tea (brewed fresh daily - refills available)         

Hugo Tea Iced Black Tea     3       (Loose Leaf) Hot Hugo Tea   4

     Sweet Iced Tea         4                     Tea + Lemonade              4


Sparkling Americano    v   gf   p    na         11  
a refreshing way to drink espresso!

Messenger Coffee espresso, apple peppercorn shrub, soda water


The Joy of Chamoy    v   gf    s   na                12  
fruity, salty, slightly spicy   -    add tequila +$4!

citrus, carrot, tamarind-honey, egg white*, jamaica ice, chili-lime salt


Mulling It Over    v   gf   p   na                         10  
tastes like a fresh baked pie     -    add cognac +$3!

cherry puree, Hugo Tea chai concentrate, star anise  -  served hot


Celery Block Tango     v   gf   p    na           10
they had it coming…

celery juice, Zing Zang tomato, ginger, peppercorn


Heineken 0.0, Heineken Nederland           5

Non-Alcoholic European Light Lager


Paulaner Weizen - Radler, Paulaner München          5

Non-Alcoholic Munich-Style Radler





HUGO TEA  v  gf

gao wen - black 

session longjing - green 

gui shan - oolong 

bouquet - chamomile tisane 

rainier - mint tisane

currant - fruit tisane

BRUNCH (SUNDAYS ONLY)     glass/carafe


       Spice Hunter (espresso cocktail)                  13   

     Poinsettia (bubbly + cran)                         12/20

     House Bloody Mary (vodka + tomato)          14

      Beermosa (beer + OJ)                                            8 

     Mimosa (bubbly + OJ)                                  14/24

     House Sangria (red wine + juice)              8/14

     Sparkling Americano (N/A coffee spritz)     8

A Special Thank You to our Local Partners:

Barham Family Farm

Green Dirt Farm
Marion Milling

Yoli Tortilleria
Microgreens KC
Myco Planet
C&C Produce
Salt Creek Farms
Hugo Tea
Messenger Coffee
Ibis Bakery
KC Can Compost
Ripple Glass Recycling
NKC Beverage

Sunrise Hill Flowers

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